Our Philosophy

At Sentinel Environmental, we take a holistic approach to environmental biotechnology that is based on a deep understanding of microbial ecology and how it can be applied to create innovative, sustainable solutions for our planet. Our diverse expertise ensures we can tackle a wide range of research challenges, from the remediation of emerging contaminants to mitigating antibiotic resistance. By integrating interdisciplinary experience with cutting-edge research capabilities, we develop strategies that not only address current environmental challenges but also contribute to a healthier ecosystem and a more sustainable planet for future generations. We are dedicated to not just understanding but innovatively improving the intricate balance of nature, thereby fostering a more sustainable society. Join us in our mission to redefine environmental stewardship.

Our Team


Jacques Mathieu, PhD

Co-founder and CEO


Pedro Alvarez, PhD

Co-founder and Director


Jenny Laverde Gomez, PhD

Senior Research Scientist


Marina Tikhonova

Research Specialist


Cory Schwarz, PhD

Research Scientist