Microbial Control Technologies


Sentinel Environmental is currently developing the use of naturally-occurring bacterial viruses (bacteriophages) for a variety of microbial control applications. Unlike broad-spectrum biocides and antibiotics, bacteriophages are selective and can help avoid off-target damage to microbial communities that might impair their beneficial functions. This is especially important in systems where the microbial community is being harnessed for some benefit, such as in wastewater treatment or agriculture.


Our first bacteriophage-based product in development targets the pathogenic bacteria Fusobacterium necrophorum, which is the causative agent of liver abscesses in feedlot cattle. Specific advantages of FusoClear are expected to include increased efficacy in comparison to currently used antibiotics, improved animal performance and welfare due to the promotion of healthier rumen microbiomes, and reduced treatment costs. Importantly, a major societal benefit provided by this technology is that it facilitates reductions in the use of in-feed antibiotics, and therefore helps prevent the proliferation of antibiotic resistant bacteria.